Happy Birthday, David!

20111023-022212.jpgSweets, we love you so much and wish you a very happy birthday! I wish this year's special day had a bit more fanfare...although, a night of trick-or-treating, pizza and beer, and a Mexican dinner with friends at the end of the week sounds pretty fun!

One day soon, we will be back to celebrating our birthdays with a special trip...oh, what fun we had sitting in the sunshine, relaxing on the beach, having long dinners and lots of wine and toasting to our 30s. I'm looking forward to all the future birthday trips we get to take when life makes it a bit more feasible.

Here's a look back at how we've spent your last two birthdays, both remarkably special in their own way:

Your thirty-first birthday, 2009:




And, your thirty-second, 2010:



Happy Birthday! We love you to pieces!