Black bean soft tacos

20110925-091045.jpgNothing new with tonight's meal of black beans. In fact, I've blogged about this exact dish of black bean soft tacos, before. But, it's so good and so popular in our house, I find it worthy of sharing again. Plus, you can make it taste differently, depending on your topping choice.

Tonight, we are doing an early dinner, which has been the norm in our house for this month. David is working night float and if we can squeeze in a 5 o'clock dinner before he leaves for work, we do. We so value eating together that this sacrifice of scrambling to eat early seems worth it to us. So, for the sake of time, we kept our toppings minimal tonight and just added chopped tomatoes, fresh salsa, farm fresh cheddar, and a squeeze of lime to our black beans and flour+corn tortillas (a mixed tortilla that I found at Trader Joes).


This dinner used the last of my freezer stock of black beans...guess what that means?!...time for making more! I think I will make the next batch without garlic or onions, just plain and simple slow cooked black beans, so that I can make black bean brownies again! If I do, I promise to tell ;)