Farewell, September + Weekly menu for the week of September 26th

20110922-010525.jpgCan you believe it's the last week of September...where exactly did this month go??? Oh my, oh my... The weather in Seattle has us all confused as I think it's having a hard time deciding whether it's time to welcome fall. We've had days of sunshine and mid-70 degree weather, yet it's currently windy, gray, and drizzly with temperatures hovering in the high-60s. I quite like this gray day...it feels cozy and is very suitable for writing. Yet, it makes me wish my fireplace was already filled with pillar candles of all sizes so our living room would have a warm glow in the evenings. Jack decided that Nonna was responsible for picking out our candles, but when their visit with us was cut short, we couldn't find the time to fit that task in. Hopefully, I will get around to it soon.

20110922-010531.jpg About the menu this week... the soup is exceptionally good and the muffins are easy and make a wholesome, yummy breakfast even on the super hectic weekday mornings when I'm required to have breakfast plated and on the table before waking Jack up at 6:50. (Whew!...even that sentence made me a frantic!) After making these muffins, I've decided to try to schedule some dedicated baking time into my week. Nothing beats a homemade baked good...I think they just have a way of making you feel loved and cared for. Baking has never been part of my kitchen habit, yet, I'm hoping that will change. So, the plan is for you to see baked bits of goodness appear on the weekly menus more often than not from here on.

20110922-010536.jpg *photos were taken at the first Starbucks located in Pike Place Market (note the old "scandalous" mermaid logo). We took my parents here when they visited. I found it appropriate to offer Jack his first taste of Starbucks while at the original store. The only time of year that I love Starbucks is from September through New Years...I find their holiday drinks decadent and comforting, particularly the gingerbread latte. Here, we are drinking a decaf iced soy pumpkin spice latte...mmmmm!

This week's menu: Tuesday: Black bean soft tacos

Wednesday: Tomato Florentine soup with tortellini and kale

Thursday: Banana muffins

Friday: Jet City Pizza review