Sadie's home!

Last week, Sadie took her first flight and joined us in Seattle! While I, admittedly, was a bit anxious for her to come out, I think it's safe to say that we are all happy to be back together again.

In anticipation of her arrival, Jack and I did a "Sadie shopping trip" and stocked up on some yummy treats at the dog treat bar in a neighborhood pet shop (it's the coolest! can mix and match treats of all sizes, flavors, and shapes!) and grabbed an assortment of trial bags of new foods for her to try.

She's getting older and while it pains us to admit it, we have noticed that she's slowed down a bit, so we may be needing to make a change in her diet with more protein and less carbohydrates. I think shes loving the variety of new tastes in her diet!

We also organized her stuff into bins...she has about 15 different collars so we put those by the front door for walks and we put her bones and toys into another bin so we could clean them up easily. We even bought her a new bone...a piece of elk antler.

She's adjusting well and Jack is loving her company! She even seems to be catching on to the new house rules like no sleeping on our bed and not being near the table during meal time. If she forgets the rules, Jack more than happily reminders her- I think he's enjoying someone to boss around! It's good to be back together as a family even if I find myself cleaning torn up dirty diapers and, consequently, baby poop and pee off of the floor! Some things never change with age I guess...