Scenes from our long weekend

In residency life, you are lucky to ever get 2 days in a row off. In fact, each day off you are given is a treasure because they are often so few and far between. Over the past few days, we had the rare luxury of spending the better part of a long weekend together with only small chunks of David's time required at the hospital. It was wonderful...we tried a new restaurant, played in the backyard, went for a hike and a bike ride, hung out with new friends, picnicked at the beach, and had fresh, delicious food. My only complaint is that it's over and we don't know when we will have consecutive days like that again. I hope we at least get a day here and there to enjoy more moments like these:

Our leftover dinners from mojito. It's such yummy Cuban food...mmmmm!

Photos from our first Seattle picnic! We met friends at Magnuson's a beautiful grassy park with a coastline along Lake Washington and views of the Cascades and Mt Rainier. We had ducks visit the whole time we were there...a mama duck even walked her baby ducklings over to say hi! And, Jack, of course, loved playing in the water.