happy 1/2 birthday, jack!

i look for every reason to celebrate, so jack's 1/2 birthday is a super special day around here (maybe i should start celebrating my own 1/2 birthday on june 15th...that could be fun!).  it seems like i have such a grown up now that i can say he is one and a half!  oh my...jack, we  love you so much.  thank you for filling our days with laughter and happiness.  when we leave you for the weekend, we miss you like crazy, but then we hear stories of how much fun your family had with you...how much you make them smile.  and, we look at the pictures of you and auntie jessica and it makes our hearts swell...you really have a way of making people fall in love.  kisses to you, sweet boy.

and, jessica, again, thank you for taking such good care of our little man...i know he had a fun time with you!  looking forward to our weekend together.