weekly dinner menu, may 1st - may 7th

happy may, lovelies.  we are in nashville for the country music marathon and half marathon this weekend!  my little sis is running the half and our whole fam will be there to cheer her on...!  one of her friends made this super cute cartoon of her which we will all be donning on tee shirts or buttons for the big event!

isn't it adorable?!  run, jessica, run!

because we are out of town and have lots of things going on in town, i am going to do a half week of menus this week instead of a full week, but the recipes are still yummy!  and, if i can get around to it, i will do a post with pictures from our nashville trip.  

wednesday: tomato, basil, and mozzarella pasta

thursday: nachos

friday: berry biscuit shortcake

saturday: we are attending a md/phd cocktail dinner with our siblings tonight to kick off david's graduation weekend-long celebration!

have a good week!  and, as always, thanks for reading!  xxo.