grilled peanut butter and jelly

hooray, hooray, hooray...we found out yesterday that david did INDEED successfully match to both residency programs!  hooray!  he is so relieved to know that he is REALLY able to become a radiologist.  doesn't that sound so grown up?  hardly seems like we are ready for such a grown up life!  two more days of waiting until our match placements are unveiled!  we are so excited! now on to dinner...

there is something about "grilling" a sandwich that makes it so indulgent.  can you imagine serving a regular ol' peanut butter and jelly sandwich for dinner?  nope.  but, grilling elevates it to a new level, turning it into an acceptable entree for your family's dinner table and making it a most delicious treat.

peanut butter & jelly...grilled! assemble peanut butter and jelly sandwich with 2 slices of bread (i prefer a soft honey wheat for jack and i, david always likes white), 2-3 tablespoons of a nut or seed butter (jack is still not eating nuts.  not until he turns two.  so, he uses sunflower seed butter and we use a natural peanut butter), and 1 tablespoon of jambutter the outside of the sandwich on both sides.  "grill" the sandwich in a skillet on each side for 2 minutes over medium-high heat until it has browned.

serve with a fresh fruit salad and homemade baked potato wedges (baked fries).  enjoy your tasty dinner!