YEAH! burger

what better way to celebrate the news of david matching for his first year and radiology residency programs than with a good burger...a!  if we don't have good news to celebrate, then we will drown our sorrows with a beer and a burger...perhaps that will make us feel better. YEAH burger was named by bon appetit has one of their favorite burgers in america and one of their locations is conveniently right down the street from our house!  their!-BURGER-Menu-Virginia-Highland.pdf is amazing...all of their meat is natural and organic (and grass fed!) and they have a unique four step method to building the sandwich of your dreams. first, you pick your patty: beef, bison, turkey, chicken, or veggie.  david and i both elected for the grass fed beef option.

second step, you chose your bun: southern white, whole wheat, gluten-free, or no bun.  for us, it was southern white.

thirdly, you chose your toppings.  there are the traditional ones like lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, etc.  and, then there are the non-traditional "fun" toppings like sunflower sprouts, chili, avocado, cucumber slices, sauteed mushrooms, fried eggs, and grilled onions (too many to mention them all here).  david chose grilled onions and sauteed mushrooms, i practiced restraint and stuck to the originals: lettuce, tomato, and pickles.  a third part to step three is choosing your cheese from american, pepper jack, pimento!, blue, cheddar, and swiss.  david had cheddar and, of course, for me, it was my favorite cheese, pimento!!!

finally, you move to step four (and wipe the drool from your chin as you imagine your divine burger being created) and sauce your creation!  this was the hardest step, but also my most favorite.  i love messy after the good quality meat is secured, the sauce can be the key ingredient that makes a good burger a great burger.  again, too many sauces to name them all (check out the menu link above to see them all) but they have the originals plus some homemade relishes, their own YEAH! sauce (a chipotle mayo type sauce), different bbqs, sunflower pesto, and bacon jam.  yes, i wrote that right...BACON JAM!  david stuck to his original ketchup and i got the YEAH! sauce and we both absolutely had to have the bacon jam!

tah-dah! is my creation.  boy, did it make me happy!

will keep you posted as residency news unfolds...keep your fingers crossed for us!