Gift Guide 2016: For Her

Some fun and pretty (and practical) gift ideas for the girls in your life...

Butter Keeper, $35. An earthen, French-country way to keep your butter soft and spreadable. Made in California by Sawyer Ceramics.

Mid-Century Modern Ceramic Planter, $149.99.  To make her plants happy.

How to Celebrate Everything, $17.61.  A New York Times Best Cookbook of Fall 2016.   A warm and inviting guide to turning birthdays, holidays, and everyday occasions into cherished traditions.

Thug Kitchen, $12.01.  An LA-based duo creates a funny, foul-mouthed, cookbook full of delicious vegan recipes that will have her laughing while cooking all things healthy and yummy.

Drawstring Pullover Sweater, $110.00.  Perfect for school pick-up, Saturday outings, and sitting fireside (in a chalet!).

Asymmetrical Initial Necklace by Maya Brenner, $240+.  A pretty necklace to keep the initials of her loves close to her heart.

Better than a Pizza Stone, $89.00.  Because her pizza stone broke years ago, and she just isn't satisfied with pizza delivery in Atlanta...

Cookbook Page Holder, $25.00.  To keep her cookbooks clean and open in the most minimalist way.

Fingerless convertible gloves, $35.00.  Perfect for keeping her hands warm, but also easily adapts for texting and helping her children with snacks and buttons.

Llama Beanie, $39.50.  To keep her toasty and cute while romping around outdoors.

Amazon Echo Dot, $49.99.  So she can listen to podcasts and music, find out the weather, and even order Chinese food without finding her phone.

Illume Watermint Candle, $19.95. Because every girl deserves a bit of restoration, right?  And, this smell is divine.