Pumpkin patch


20111023-022420.jpgWe went to Jubilee Farm on Saturday to visit the pumpkin patch. We walked around in the muddy field and found our favorite ones, then snapped them off of the vine ourselves! This picture of Jack and I turned out so well...he was a big pumpkin helper!


20111023-022432.jpg Jack loved crawling over all of the pumpkins and playing in the dirt! Not surprisingly, he was covered in mud while his friend, Hanna, stayed almost spotless.


20111023-022451.jpg I love this autumn photo of my two boys.

20111023-022457.jpg The tractor ride out to the field was a huge highlight of our visit for both kiddos!

20111023-022505.jpg Aren't these tree colors against the stormy dark sky magnificent? I think it's so stunning.



20111023-071605.jpg Our 2 new pumpkins...one happily carved, both festively displayed on the front steps. I decided to carve a polka dot pumpkin this year so that we can keep it around for as long as it lasts, rather than having to toss a traditional Jack-o-lantern after Halloween. We put candles inside and looks really pretty all aglow.


20111023-071615.jpg Jack admiring his handiwork in our afternoon projects...pumpkin carving and planting cabbage and kale in our front planters.