All You Need is Love

20111005-064637.jpg Ever have ONE OF THOSE DAYS? You know what I'm talking about, right? When every single person you encounter seems to look at you the wrong way? You cant seem to pull it all together? The nurse nearly knocks you off the chair when she violently stabs your arm with a flu shot? Your self-imposed to-do list is growing and, well, time is not.

Well, it seems I've had one of those weeks. SIX of those weeks, actually. For the past six weeks, David and I have spent our week days darting in and out of each other's lives. I come home from work, we recap Jack's day, and then we say goodbye as he leaves for night float. For six weeks, we have seen each other for approximately thirty minutes a day. And, then the weekend comes and we have high hopes that we can make up for all the lost time by somehow forgetting that David has been up all night and, in fact, really needs too sleep...instead it goes by way too fast and we all feel a little more dazed and weary by Sunday evening as David is heading out the door again.


I got in my car the other evening after work, and heard on my favorite radio station, KEXP, All You Need is Love by the Beatles and, it hit me! Love was the answer. It was all I needed, but how can I possibly find it in the thirty minutes of fast-paced fury we have together each day? Im so thankful that this rotation is coming to an end, that my husband will be back in our bed at night, sitting around our table for dinner. Perhaps I can get a grip on all of this self-wallowing I've been up to!

I'm taking this week to meet other writing deadlines (I was asked to contribute to The Runcible Spoon's holiday magazine!) and to get some holiday-related tasks done around here. I will be back with a full menu next week (hopefully) and, for those of you waiting, the lentil burgers are likely to make their appearance!


20111005-064658.jpg *our little runner sporting mama's running shoes. Wonder when he will be hitting the streets with us?!