our first two weeks in seattle

Oh, goodness. Hello readers! I know many of you have been checking in to the blog or waiting patiently for an email with a new post...well, tah-dah, here it is!...it's my first post from Seattle! We have made it here safe and sound and the three of us could not be more smitten with our new city...we are completly in love! We have spent the first two weeks exploring just some of the greatness that this city has to offer, meeting new friends and hanging out with a bestie (Christa, I cannot tell you how happy I am that you were here!), moving in, and David starting work! Whew, we have been busy! The house is nearly complete and I promise to dedicate an entire post to the new house, a sort of virtual house tour, once it is finished since many of you have asked about it (and, I love it and want to share it with you!).I thought I would use my first Seattle post as a "hello again" greeting and a mostly picture post to show you some of what we have been up to. We arrived here after over 13 hours of traveling and were greeted at our driveway by one of our best friends, Christa, and her baby, Quinn. Their presence alone would have been enough, but Christa also brought us 3 of the most amazing welcome baskets that you have ever seen! Seriously, they were the best and contained local cheeses, berries, delicious seed crackers, local wines and beers, snacks and juices for Jack, Sunset magazine, Seattle magazines and the daily newspaper, paper goods and house necessities...it was amazing!

Cheers to our first night in our new house and our new city!

Jack on his first piggy-back ride at Meadowbrook pond:

Celebrating Christa's birthday at the Olympic sculpture garden with lunch and a walk around Pike Place Market:

David's new tangerine scooter!

We are really Seattlites with our bike trailer and Subaru Outback! Here is Jack's new bike trailer and bike helmet:

Fathers' Day outing to Carkeek Park on the Puget Sound!

So, I am officially back to blogging! I have figured out my iPad and could not be happier using it! I hope these posts become more and more regular...I promise to do a home one soon and I am also working on my first weekly menu post from Seattle. Stay tuned...and, as always, thanks for reading! xxo.