red bird ink

in saturday's post i shared my new cow print with you and promised i would give you more details about the artist in a later post...since several people have asked me about it, i thought i would share the details sooner rather than later! the artist is julia from red bird ink, a design, art, and letterpress studio in atlanta.  


i was introduced to red bird ink while shopping at the beehive about a month ago.  i was shopping for a new dress and across all of the wonderful handmade goods, i spotted the letterpressed cow print and knew it was the perfect atlanta take-away!  david and i have a tradition of buying a piece of art for our walls right before we move.  before leaving boston, we bought a large map of the charles river basin since the charles river served as our inspiration and companion for many of our long marathon training runs. 

i found the cow to be a wise take-away piece of art from atlanta since our food obsession really exploded here.  and, because we try to eat mostly local meats, the fact that the artist is local makes it a completely appropriate choice!  i am so excited to find its perfect spot in our new seattle kitchen.

here are a few other pieces from red bird ink that i think are great: