no weekly dinner post for the week of april 17th - april 23rd...

apologies, but i am not doing a weekly dinner menu this week because david and i are taking an exciting, action-packed, adult long weekend get-away!  a weekend get-away seems more than appropriate given the facts that david is off for 4 days (IN A ROW!), our dear friends are getting married, and david qualified for the boston marathon back in 2009 (remember??!) and this is the year he decided to cash in his coveted qualifying time for a spot in the race! so...we are off.  for four whole days.  just the two of us.

off to enjoy a romantic and fun-filled weekend celebrating the marriage of friends, catching up with old friends, and spending quality time with each other while indulging in a nice, little loft space at serenbe.  then, we will be jumping on a plane and flying up to boston to again catch up with old friends and to enjoy the excitement of the boston marathon.

as excited as we are, however, a thought that i read somewhere keeps popping into my head - when you have a baby, your heart lives outside of you...since jack was born, this thought has been more than true for me.  while i am so excited for the weekend, i actually feel like there is something physical that i am leaving's my jack.  thank you family for taking good care of our little man this weekend and allowing us to have some adult time.  i know he is in wonderful hands, but i sure will miss him!  sniff.  sniff.

since we are spending half of our weekend at a south georgia farm, i thought i would leave you with this photo...i just bought the cow print for our new home!  don't you think it will be lovely in a kitchen??!  more on the image and the artist in a later post.

happy weekend and week to you all.  i have some fun posts planned for our week off from menus and recipes, so stay tuned.  xxo.