weekly dinner menu, april 3rd - april 9th

happy april!  oh my goodness...i can't believe it's here already.  only 8 more weekends in atlanta!!!  today is world autism awareness day...please keep yourself informed of this complex disease and use today as a day to think about those families who have been affected.  i hope spring has made it your way by now.  i am on call this weekend at work, which is a bummer, but i am hoping i will still have lots of time to play with my boys.  plus, this is my last weekend to work at my hospital...EVER.  wow!...that is so hard to wrap my head around.  we do have some especially fun sunday plans this weekend starting with breakfast at the bakeshop, then an outing with jack's best friend :) -estelle, to get a delicious popsicle from king of pops (THE. best. popsicle. EVER.  clearly, an obsession of mine that deserves a post of it's own...will do soon) and to play at the park, and finally, we will end the day with our sunday dinner on the grill. 

sunday: grilled chicken drumsticks, asparagus, and baked garlic fries

monday: spaghetti with broccoli in a creamy tomato sauce

tuesday: fried eggs, sauteed southern greens, and cherry butter

wednesday: leftovers tonight...let's make it a jack themed post day.  those always make me smile.

thursday: ancho-chile shrimp quesadillas

friday: crabcakes, roasted brussels sprouts, and orzo past salad

saturday: our dear friends, mk and nolan, will be visiting this weekend!  not sure what we will do for dinner tonight, but i do have a scrumptious lunch planned for us 3 adults while our boys nap...prosecco and tasties from alon's bakery.

have a great week!