what "jack" is wishing for

so many fun new things to buy to fill up our new home in SEATTLE!  i still can't really believe we are moving there...still seems surreal.  here are some of the things that mr. jack man is wishing for.  well, if he only knew these things existed, i am sure he would be wishing for them...! Nilo Multi-Activity Table for the big boy room that we are planning and dreaming about!  this table looks so amazingly perfect for playing with trains, cars, puzzle, and play dough!  oh, the fun we will have!

PlanToys Road & Rail Play Set.  jack is really starting to love trains and toy cars.  don't get me wrong, i think thomas is fine (and jack thinks so too), but i have an obsession with all plantoys and, in particular, their road and rail  sets.  i love wooden toys that are environmentally friendly, beautiful to look at (i.e. they don't create eye sores in your living room), and fun.  i can picture jack's activity table filled with these wonderful wooden toys!

Radio Flyer tricycle!