my wish list

thoughts of moving, thoughts of a new season and a desire for new spring clothes and outdoor toys, the fact that my birthday, christmas, and anniversary all fall within 15 days of each other! and so i have no mid-year excuse to be gifted ... all of these thoughts have me thinking and dreaming about new things that i would like to have.  this is what i am wishing for right now: super natural every day cookbook by Heidi Swanson because it just feels like my kind of cooking and i am always searching for new ideas.

an ipad 2.  let me just reveal to you (and create a pity party for myself) that i have an old school, dark ages phone and NO computer.  yep.  that's right.  i am a daily blogger and have a new obsession with twitter and i have no way to do these things unless i am at work and finished seeing patients or david is home and not using his laptop!  there.  i NEED this ipad, right?

my own dining table.  we have been graciously borrowing since we have been married, but i am so ready for my own table as well as a proper space to dine in!  yay for moving and the chance to buy new things to create a new, peaceful, and organized home environment!

Best Food Writing 2010 book.  seriously, i could read about food all day!

shelves for a beverage station and staple items.  this has been my evolving vision for some time.  i want a shelving unit in our kitchen for our espresso maker + accessories, cocktails, jars of dried beans, fruits, nuts, and grains, and bins of our staple items like paper towels, napkins, linens.  so excited to indulge myself in this idea...

a fun colored pair of moccasins.  i can't stop thinking about these for spring and summer.

do you have a wish list?  gosh, mine is ever growing...what are you wishing for right now?