weekly dinner menu, march 20th - march 26th

hello.  i apologize, but i have been so preoccupied with match day and dreaming about starting our new chapter of life that i have neglected my normal planning for our menu and market trip this week.  i do have a few dinners and recipes to share, but this week i am afraid we are going to do a lot of take-out and quick dinners and, thus, you will get to read posts that have more to do with us than our food.  back to full on cooking next week, i promise.  i'm already thinking up extra yummy ideas to make up for it! for now, i will leave you with the blog post plan and menu for the week + a few of the latest pictures of jack playing with our dear friend, estelle.  it made my heart ache with happiness watching the two of them play last sunday- it may have been the first time we have witnessed him really interact with another child.  we were lucky to have our camera with us so we could document it...

and the menu/blog post plan for the week:

sunday: our new sunday mornings out tradition and my long-standing obsession with granola

monday: pork chili verde

tuesday: my wish list

wednesday: in honor of the little ones- brown rice cereal

thursday: match day photos and insight

friday: we have a special night out planned with dear friends at sun in my belly- will post about our four course meal later!  for today's post:  "jack's" wishes.

saturday: pizza night at perhaps jack's pizza and wings.  appropriate name, no?