egg wraps

we love egg wraps at our house!  they are so easy, it almost seems like cheating when we say that we are "making" them for dinner! first, grate a bowl full of sharp cheddar cheese.  next, place flour tortillas (we eat only one a piece) between two moist paper towels and sit in the microwave.  besides heating up a few things for jack each week, i think tortillas are the only reason we keep a microwave in the house.  as some of you know, we use the microwave so infrequently that we keep it in our attic!  i hate the amount of space it takes up in our counter-deprived kitchen!

anyway, back to the recipe:)  cut some green onions into small rounds.  crack eggs into a bowl and beat with a bit of kosher salt and a splash of milk (jack takes one, i take two, and david eats two or three eggs in the wrap).  put a small glup of olive oil into a skillet over medium heat.  add the onions and cook for about one minute.  then, add eggs and scramble.  when the eggs are almost finished, heat the tortillas in the microwave between the paper towels for about 30 seconds.  assemble the tortillas on your plate, put egg mixture in the center, top with grated cheese, and roll up tight.  serve alongside a green salad (we used spinach leaves and added fennel and orange to ours with a mustardy-citrus vinaigrette) and tortilla chips with salsa.

tell me what you think about the egg wraps...will you, like us, make this one of your go-to recipes?