progress on my list

the list, revisited: read more books; learn how to play my keyboard; find a sewing machine and learn how to sew; practice my yoga more often; bike more often; take sadie on more walks; run when my knee is not hurting

we are in the height of summer...with all intentions of reading more books, i sadly report that i have only finshed two!  a bit behind, but boy the first two were great-love in the time of cholera and a re-reading of the great gatsby.  i am currently reading a confederacy of dunces and still have every intention of reading more, but there is always other stuff to do...

we joined netflix and i am now obesessed with brothers and sisters!  seriously, i can't get enough of it.  i am only on season one, so no give-aways, PLEASE-but i have never watched something that consistently makes me laugh out loud, smile uncontrollably, and cry all in one 43 minute episode.  in fact, i never watch anything that makes me cry, yet this show does it.  that damn war...

and, big news (and quite helpful for making progres on my list) my sweet mom gave me a sewing machine!  so now i can get started on yet another thing...first, learning how to sew and then making pretty new things.

plus, i am advancing in my yoga practice and think i will start the mysore class (advanced ashtanga yoga) in the next few weeks, i am biking in the mornings and enjoying the hills and the cool morning breezes, and faithfully trying to walk sadie multiple times weekly.

life has so many fun things to spend time on...i could never be bored.

i just need 5 more days in the week to fill with stuff to do!