i passed!

i passed my rd exam last friday and feel like the weight of books and school have been lifted off my shoulders. after a battle to graduate and get my thesis finished, i was able to sit for the exam about 5 months after my anticipated graduation date and i passed without too much sleep loss. within 24 hours of being granted the title of registered dietitian, i began making a list of all the things i want to do with all my new free time (thanks to my personality that requires me to always be busy and organized!). conveniently, the new york times had published an article the morning of my exam about the book 1001 books you must read before you die. if you haven't seen the list, you should really check it out: the list.

david and i poured over the list, counting the number of books we have each read (a lame total of only 29!) and then i quickly made a goal for myself of 17 books before the end of the year (starting after i finish my current book). that's 1 book every 12 days, if i start at the beginning of june. never have been able to do that before, but its somethng to shoot for. i will keep you updated on the books i read and my progress. currently, i am finishing love in the time of cholera by Gabriel García Márquez. i have 130 pages left, better get through those last pages before this sunday or i will have less than 12 days per book!

my list of "fun things to do" continues with:

learn how to play my keyboard (currently working on a mates of state song)

find a sewing machine and learn how to sew (just ordered fabric yesterday and hope to begin my first project soon)

practice my yoga more often, bike more often, take sadie on more walks, and run when my knee is not hurting

here's to a new life without school- no thesis, no tests, no papers, and no exams!