goat, brown goat: it’s a poem our dog made up to please us. my parents always say we are going to live on a farm one day. maybe, and if we do, i want to have one hundred goats (of all colors) and pigs and chickens…but for now we live in a big city and we love it. i think it comes down to the fact the we love life, give us the city or the country, we love it all.
this blog is created by Stephanie: in two words, hopelessly hopeful. i adopted this description of myself after my husband used this to describe me in our pseudo marriage counseling. loves good food, fun clothes, Indie music, and being outside. earns her living by working as a clinical dietitian, educating patients about medical diets and providing nutrition support to really sick people who need tube feedings or other types of artificial nutrition. self-proclaimed green liberal who loves sustained farming, organic and local produce, and the occasional grass fed cow and humanely treated animal.
mommy of a fur baby and soon-to-be mommy of a skin baby boy. wife of a really smart, very hot, and extremely kind italian-born florida boy. daughter of two very thoughtful parents whose lives have been devoted to making myself and my sister happy. sister to an awesome girl who also loves life and has the biggest heart for all that is good in the world. friend to a lot of really great, smart, and creative people.
i blog to share my day-to-day life with the people i love who don’t live close and for those i don’t know but who read and are inspired. it also seems like a good way to chronicle life as it happens. the other choice was scrapbooking and that is not my thing.