one hundred things that i love

in honor of valentine's day, i compiled a list of one hundred things that i love.  happy love weekend- i hope you spend it in good company doing something that makes you happy! love-poster-from-le-love-images

1. david...always, but especially after he's freshly shaven                                                                                                                             2. bread and butter with pots of jam and honey 3. a room filled with flickering candlelight 4. fireflies creating an incredible ballet of soft light 5. patio parties 6. october 7. a child napping with his blankie 8. waves 9. leaving work early for the holidays 10. stacks of old snapshots 11. baby pictures, slides, and movies 12. gardenias 13. fireplaces 14. farmer's markets 15. the sound of rain on the roof 16. cheese stores 17. new england 18. doughnut holes 19. a dinner of champagne, candlelight, and pizza 20. the spring 21. fireworks 22. sitting outside as the seasons change 23. coffee 24. a child's artwork 25. boat rides 26. BLTs 27. stackable band rings given in honor of a celebration 28. nail polish 29. letterpress 30. ballet flats 31. rolled up shirt sleeves 32. ribbons 33. strands of white lights 34. sunsets 35. eating lobster outdoors 36. toasted marshmallows, black outside and squishy inside 37. milkshakes 38. the warm gulf water 39. love letters 40. long dinners 41. spring flowers bursting into bloom 42. banjos 43. red wine and deep dish pizza nights 44. old trees 45. fishing villages 46. snuggling 47. beautiful and unique rooms 48. a celebration breakfast 49. planning things: a party, a vacation, a picnic, a camping trip 50. the energy to make fresh juice, grind coffee, and stir up a batch of muffins 51. pretty fabric 52. station wagons 53. lip gloss 54. pumpkins 55. sweatshirts and shorts 56. swimming pools 57. basil 58. a dog's yawn 59. dance parties in the living room 60. seaside 61. post-thanksgiving sandwiches of turkey, mayo, salt and pepper on a dinner roll 62. furniture with a story 63. adirondack chairs 64. chandeliers 65. paper-cut snowflakes 66. rubber rain boots 67. real caesar salads 68. tree lined streets 69. glass candle holders 70. painted porch ceilings 71. mojitos 72. happy unplanned moments 73. swiss chocolate almond ice cream 74. brick streets 75. thunderstorms 76. fresh air and good food 77. matchboxes 78. homemade lemon filled pancakes 79. real whipped cream 80. palm-fringed beach 81. the first long days after the time changes for daylight savings 82. morning light 83. water dotted with sailboats 84. spending a night on the water in a sailboat 85. lists 86. honeysuckle 87. sweater dresses 88. being artsy-craftsy 89. being told you're beautiful when you're wearing an old t-shirt and jeans 90. summer homes 91. beautiful and creative baby nurseries 92. cold, yummy beer 93. bicycling in the evening 94. dining poolside 95. opening the windows 96. grilling your whole dinner 97. cupcakes 98. watching movies outside 99. reading menus 100. a romantic table for two next to the window

'tis the season

as usual, our christmas time in florida was most joyful!  this year, in particular, we had TONS of fun! pensacola beach sign christmas ornament

over 5 days, we visited with family and even some dear high school friends,

stephanie and jessica loving on sadie

all the halstead grandchildren, minus laurin

ate at jerry's drive-in (twice!), went to a christmas concert at the church where we were married, had 4 christmas celebrations (and got lots of nice new stuff),

our stockings!

sadie opening her interactive ball

family christmas picture 2008

shopped at some cute pensacola gift boutiques and at joe patti's (of course), went out 3 times with cousins and aunts and uncles (SO fun!!!), AND attended a reheasal dinner, a wedding, and a christening.

girl cousins at the fish house

high school clan at rowe's christening

hope your holidays have been as great as ours.  here's to a fabulous end to 2008!

30 years and 1 week old (happy belated birthday to me)!

so, again, an unplanned blogging break.  several guesses as to why this may be: 1) instead of spending my computer time writing, for the past month, i have been spending my time on a computer christmas shopping, 2) work has been busier with more patients to see, so there is less computer time in general, and 3) lots of fun holiday and birthday activities attended, which would have been great blogging material, but i instead ignored the ideas and kept the computer shut.  so, while you may not be bothered by my lack of words, i am.  to remedy the problem,  i have made a promise to myself and will now make it to all of you, which i hope will make me more accountable, that i will post a blog at least twice weekly in 2009.  i already have lots of ideas for posts, so i will just have to find the time to sit down and create. 

for now, i am wishing everyone the merriest of christmases.  thanks to all of you who sent warm birthday wishes (and gifts!) and for those of you who sent christmas cards (which we did not)- you have brightened our home with your cheery messages and lovely photos.

happy christmas!

santa's little helper

after an unplanned break from the blogging world, i'm back.  not sure what the absence was about...perhaps the holidays got the best of my time.  but here i am again.  i hope all is well in all of your worlds.  i sure am enjoying december and the festiveness of the season!  since its the season for giving, here's a little holiday cheer for all of you (images and idea courtesy of david) :

sadie l. helper vs santa's little helper

a remarkable resemblance, huh?  our sadie has reminded us of santa's little helper since the day she came to live with us.  the likeness is uncanny really.  around this time of year, that nickname of hers gets used a lot on our house!

happy holidays!