Weekly dinner menu for the week of August 29th

20110827-012313.jpgHello, lovelies. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Mine was spent missing my hubs, keeping cool in a Seattle heat wave of 80 degree high temps, and planning for some very exciting visitors that arrive this week...my parents!

So, I have something I want to share with you all...I have a new writing gig! It's for an online magazine called Miss A that is established in about 20 US cities (maybe your city is featured...?) and promotes unique local events, particularly events that are connected to a charity. The magazine just launched in Seattle so I am among it's original core writers. It's a fun project that keeps me in-the-know of many Seattle happenings. Please click here to check out my section and read the articles I have written so far...I will be writing nearly every week, so keep checking back. I will also try to alert you when I have written something that I feel should be shared here.

I hope that all of you have a fun week ahead. And, perhaps this week's menu will help add some unique flavors to your little corner of the world:

Tuesday: slow cooked vegetable ratatouille

Wednesday: blueberry oatmeal whole grain buttermilk pancakes!

Thursday: pea pesto pasta

Friday: peachy plum confetti cocktail