Scenes from the weekend + weekly dinner menu for week of August 15th

20110814-020634.jpgSince being in Seattle, I haven't really felt the pull to "get out of the city," to step away from our city life to slow down and to cherish nature. Part of the reason for this is that by living in Seattle, nature seems to be everywhere. We are exposed daily to the fresh air, huge lakes, evergreen trees, mountain ranges looming in the almost feels like we are on vacation every day.


20110814-021750.jpg But, this weekend, we did get out of the city. We drove east to a small town north of Snoqualmie called Fall City and then biked, in a row of four road bikes and two bike trailers, to pick raspberries, enjoy the mountain valley country roads, to take time to watch a snail, and to "just be" in nature with some new, yet already dear friends. It was perfect. And, we were reminded that not only is this new city, the one we are thrilled to call our home, gorgeous, so too is the surrounding land.





And now, this week's menu:

Tuesday: pinto beans (yes...beans, again!)

Wednesday: pasta with greens

Thursday: watermelon and mint skewers

Friday: no pizza this week (gasp!). Instead, I want to share our menu from a Mexican-themed supper party with friends including a black bean enchilada and delicious margarita recipe!