The Blues at Magnuson Park Beach

I woke up early, giddy with the promise of watching my hometown Blue Angels fly over Lake Washington with Jack. On our way to Madrona Beach near the Capitol Hill neighborhood, traffic forced us to reroute to nearby Magnuson Park Beach. It turns out that Magnuson isn't the perfect spot for watching the Blues, but it was OUR perfect spot.

20110804-031315.jpg We sat on the shores of Lake Washington playing in the rocks and pebbles letting the water lap our feet while the Blues soared and played tricks in the distance.


They were far, far away (if you look really hard you will see two tiny black dots in the sky...they were closer than that, but that is the best my camera could do), but we saw them with the perfectly blue Seattle August sky and Mt Rainier as their backdrop. It was gorgeous and fun and peaceful.


And, when we got tired of the water and the rocks that stuck to our feet, we backed up onto the grass and ate our snack of "pop berries" (better known as blueberries, but pops grows them in his yard, so pop berries is what they are called in our house...associations are amazingly strong!)


It was a perfect morning!