my apologies. but, i need a break.

hello lovelies. i am sorry that i haven't gotten my act together to post the recipes and pictures i promised.  life is a bit busy...i am dealing with this nagging daily feeling that we need to use every spare moment to pack while at the same time knowing that is impossible since we still need to live in our house plus i don't have the desire to come home from work to pack boxes!  and, we just spent a wonderfully fun weekend with family and new friends in nashville and are looking forward to a family filled upcoming weekend to toast david as he graduates from medical school.  all of this paired with life's other happenings...whew!  lots going on...

so, i have decided that i need to step back from daily posting right now and blog when i have the time.  let's just call this the official "time off because i am moving."  and, no promises of future posts because that just makes me feel bad when i can't deliver (and i don't need another stressor!).  i will say that i hope to share pictures with you over the next few weeks from all of those special moments that are keeping us busy and i even hope to include a recipe or two. 

oh boy...i am already excited to restart the weekly dinner menus just as soon as i am sitting in my new home office space (perhaps with a view of the puget sound)!  i will have so much to share!!! 

until then...xxo.