vegetables and chicken meatballs in tomato sauce over white beans and baby broccoli

tonight you get to bask in your hard work from sunday...well, it really wasn't that hard to throw everything in the slow cooker and wait for 10 hours while it did the work for you, was it??  the hard part was the planning and, well, since that was have another delicious dinner waiting in your fridge that will be ready in minutes after a long day of work.  i say, cheers to that!
put your sauce with the vegetables and meatballs in a large pot to warm.  steam baby broccoli in a large pot.  while it is steaming, in a skillet, lightly saute 1 can of white beans (or fresh ones, if you have them.  i no longer have any white beans in the freezer and i can't replace them now since we are prepping for the big seattle relocation!) with olive oil, freshly minced garlic, and lemon zest.   
plate the white beans.  top with the broccoli and then a large scoop (or two) of the vegetables and meatballs.  serve with crusty rolls.