weekly dinner menu + update, april 10th - 16th

hello.  i hope spring has made it's way to all of you by now...we are certainly basking in the spring sunshine and loving every minute of it.  i keep joking with jack that we have to spend as much time as we can outside so we can soak in the sunshine to carry with us to rainy seattle! speaking of jack...look at the photo below that david's dad sent him.  it's of david as a one year old getting his first haircut.  wow!  it looks so much like jack that it take my breath away! 

stephanie's attitude + david's looks = our little man, jack!

so, what's for supper this week?

sunday: slow cooked vegetables and chicken meatballs over pasta

monday: not a dinner post, but a "please help me" post--- i'm in need of good snack ideas!

tuesday: sausage, southern greens, and lemon lasagna

wednesday: use your slow cooked leftovers over baby broccoli and white beans

thursday: grilled flank steak

friday: in celebration of karen and mike and their wedding weekend, i will share a super tasty recipe for brownies with you while we enjoy a whole dessert party!

saturday: we will be celebrating at a wedding and having farm fresh georgia food (yay!)...so i am taking tonight off from cooking.