black bean and arugula tex-mex salad

some nights i just crave a salad.  do you ever get the same craving?  well, this salad was an amazing hit the spot and made for a perfect dinner with a chilled glass of white wine for the warm, early spring weather we have been having here!  a bonus: this dinner requires very little prep and very little kitchen clean-up!!! first, i covered one of our large white crate and barrel dinner plates with arugula.  next, i topped the arugula with a heaping spoonful of our "famous" black beans, sprinkled on some sliced scallion rings, crunched up some tortilla chips and tossed them on for crunch, and then drizzled on creme fraiche and salsa.  i finished the salad with some freshly grated sharp cheddar cheese.   mmm...i might need another one soon.