hummus and cream cheese bagel

ahh...hmmm (that's a throat clear)...another simple middle of the week dinner.  apologies for the simplicity, but i do hope that you are still finding this week's food tasty.  i can assure you that simplicity, in this case, still means food packed with nutrients to nourish your family!  nothing wrong with a little bit of simple, right? for this dinner, i simply toasted a seasame bagel and then spread, on both bagel sides, whipped cream cheese.  next, i topped the cream cheese with plenty of scallions.  on the bottom bagel side, i spread a hefty amount of horse radish hummus (another of my favorites from trader joes) and topped teh hummus with shredded carrots.  this created a light and tasty sandwich dinner that was ready in less than 10 minutes and with little clean-up!