crab cakes, salad, and sweet potatoes

an easy dinner tonight.  for those of you who are lucky, like us, and have a trader joe's in your MUST try the maryland crab cakes!  they are delicious!  we try to keep them stocked in our freezer for a quick meal.  they come frozen in pairs and take one hour to thaw and about 7 minutes to sear in a skillet over medium heat in a light drizzle of olive oil. while the crab cakes were thawing on the counter, david scrubbed, then wrapped the sweet potatoes in foil, and placed them on a foil lined baking sheet.  we like to bake them on 400 degrees for about an hour.  i've learned that everyone seems to have their own way of cooking sweet do you cook them?

after i started the searing of the crab cakes, i made our salad of spinach leaves, grated carrots, and goddess dressing.

paired with a glass of rose, it was the perfect monday supper.