weekly dinner menu, february 27th-march 5th

hello there, lovlies.  first and foremost, i would like to wish a very happy birthday to my granny who turns eighty-three today!  we have had some very special birthday memories with my gran but there are two that stand out above the rest.  one was the girls trip to "anywhere in the world that she wanted to go."  so, guess where we spent her birthday weekend...drum rool, please: branson, missouri- c'mon, you know it's at the top of your travel list!  we had plenty of fun laughing at our situation- a van full of "young" women (babies compared to the typical branson clientele!) traipsing around the city eating and being "entertained" by the crowds, the shows, and each other.  in all seriousness,  the reason i remember the trip so well is because we really did have a great time- it was a weekend full of laughter and love.  we just had fun being together.  my second most memorable granny birthday was her grand eightieth birthday soiree three years ago.  the whole family was there to celebrate.  my dad created the most amazing slide show of pictures from her life, her wedding dress was on display, a timeline of important life events decorated the wall, and, together, we all decorated the venue.   

and, once again, we had a wonderful time creating memories and being together. 

(there was also this amazing smoked salmon platter...you know the food always makes the party, for me at least! :) ) again, happy birthday, granny!  your very large family loves you a lot!

on another, less happy, note: please keep my dad in your thoughts.  he remains in the hospital- what we expected to be a 5 day stay is turning into a 16+ day hospital stay...he is progressing and we hope he can go home soon, but the road has been long and there is still much recovery to do.  your thoughts are very much appreciated.

happy cooking as we kick off march and grow closer to spring time!  i hope you have a pleasant and warm week.

sunday: to celebrate the biggest night of movies, @whole foods market had the best idea- cook a meal in honor of your favorite best picture...so, we are having seared scallops with blood orange and smoked paprika sauce + espresso pots de creme = a dreamy dinner to honor the film "inception"

monday: crabcakes, spinach salad, and sweet potatoes

tuesday: hummus and cream cheese bagel sandwiches

wednesday: tex-mex black bean salad

thursday: we are ordering pizza tonight and watching last night's top chef (so, jack picture post today...just an update on his cuteness!)

friday: shrimp and fish scampi, take two

saturday: per typical, we are going out tonight.  scored a coupon to hobnob from scoutmob...hooray!