weekly dinner menu, february 20th-26th

hello lovely readers!  happy weekend from browngoat.  do you all have fun plans for the weekend?  i would love to hear what you are up to...drop me a comment or an email.  my dad is still in the hospital, so please keep him in your thoughts.  things seems to be slowly improving.  currently, we are waiting for different lab values to correct themselves.  he really wants to go home, so we are crossing our fingers that this will happen SOON!  thanks to all of you who have written, called, or even been there with us through this time- you are so appreciated! before moving on to next week's menu, i wanted to ask that all of you email readers of browngoat stop by my actual website when you have a moment.  i have been working hard and making lots of updates!  first, there is a new look to the blog!  don't worry (i was!), the original browngoat photo has been restored (it was lost for a while in the redesign), so my good ol' goat mascot is back at the top of my blog page!  (whew.)  and, i have added a navigation bar, you can now easily find my life list and read all about browngoat by clicking on the tabs right at the top of the blog.  i am also working to create a tab for a recipe menu, so that you can easily find all my recipes listed alphabetically.  i will alert you to when this is up and running.  also, big news:), i am now on twitter (browngoatblog)!  it's fun!  if you tweet too, follow me!  and, let me know you are tweeting so that i can follow you too.

enjoy your SOLE (this means Sustainable, Organic, Local and Ethical) food this week (note my new photo depicting "eat SOLE food!" from food renegade on the right side of the blog homepage- my goat recipe was linked to from the food renegade fight back friday post yesterday!).  SOLE food is my newly adopted coin phrase to describe the way i cook and eat.  i think it sums it up nicely and when spoken it sounds like i am referring to "soul food-" southern and good!  thanks for reading!  happy eating.

sunday: spaghetti with meatballs

monday: egg wraps

tuesday: farm fresh stir fry with tofu 

wednesday: leftovers, which you know i am a huge fan of!  and, because it's a leftovers day, this means a fun non-recipe post.

thursday: tomato, broccoli, and onion quiche with a side of roasted root vegetables

friday: no dinner recipe tonight.  i think you will have plenty of leftovers to eat from the good cooking you have done this week.  if not, i know you still have frozen beans:) so make a quesadilla or bean burrito for dinner.  instead of a dinner recipe, i am sharing our delicious valentine's desert recipe (the surprise one david made for us): coconut milk panna cotta.  its the perfect way to kick off a sweet weekend!

saturday:  a night out...mexican food, perhaps?