weekly dinner menu, february 13th-19th

it's a week of love, hearts, red, pink, and treats.  speaking of hearts...my dad's heart is healthy and strong post-surgery!  thank you so much for your thoughts.  i hope you have sweet valentine's day plans.  we always stay in for valentine's day...i despise going out to eat on this night since even the best restaurants are crowded, full of over-the-top couples, and typically serve over-priced fixed course menus with sub-par food and service.  so, on monday, we are making dinner at home and opening a bottle of wine to celebrate.  i invite you to do the same. enjoy this week's menu.  let me know if you have suggestions or ideas for future dinners by emailing me or posting a comment.

sunday: cheese enchiladas with citrus fennel salad

monday, valentine's day: fish scampi, spinach salad, and something sweet

tuesday: harvest grain, coconut, and spinach soup

wednesday: blackened catfish with cinnamon roasted potatoes and sauteed southern greens

thursday: leftovers = night off from cooking

friday: mediterranean goat chops with roasted root vegetables, salad, and bread = dinner with friends

saturday: refried bean and cheese chimichangas