weekly dinner menu, february 6th-12th

lots and lots going on this week...first, it is the celebration of my mom and dad's THIRTY-FIFTH! wedding anniversary!  a very big congratulations to them.  i love this picture of them holding hands and watching us play.  it was taken in pensacola at bayview park over the christmas holidays and i just think that their love for each other and their love for jack is exploding from this photo!

at the end of this week, the dinner menu will feature already published recipes (one updated and now with pictures!) since i am heading to pensacola to be with my parents, sister, and other family.  my dad is having open heart surgery, so please, please keep us in your thoughts.

super bowl sunday:  football and dinner with friends- i'm bringing goat cheese and prosciutto tarts

monday: minestrone soup with parmesan dumplings

tuesday: spinach pancakes with fried eggs

wednesday: leftovers for dinner, but an orange carrot cake for dessert!

thursday: huevos rancheros, you have a freezer of black beans...why not use them up?!

friday: vegetable pie, updated

saturday:  a night to stay in and order pizza