weekly dinner menu, january 30th - february 5th

enjoy this week's menu as we roll into february.  for those of you who looked at last week's menu and thought to yourself, "beans again?!", you will be happy to see that there are no beans on the menu this week.  oh, and i want to extend a very happy birthday wish to one of my best friends, mary kathryn, who celebrates this week! sunday: a simple dinner of grilled cheese and soup (plus prep for monday's pancakes!)

monday: buttermilk oatmeal blueberry pancakes and sausage patties = breakfast for dinner!

tuesday: sausage and fennel tortellini

wednesday: italian-style meatloaf with roasted root vegetables

thursday:  leftovers night

friday: flounder with puttanesca, sauteed mixed greens, and orzo

saturday: we have been craving mexican food, so the three of us are walking up to el taco for dinner tonight.  corona with a lime and cheese dip to start, please!  and, for dinner, i think it's going to be a carnitas mexican pizza for me...yum!