weekly dinner menu, january 23rd-29th

lots of yummy meals planned for this fourth week of january.  enjoy!  and, happy cooking. sunday:  grilled salmon salad with warm ciabatta bread

monday: pull out a 2 cup bag of your frozen black beans!  tonight's dinner is "huevos rancheros" with chips and salsa.

tuesday:  we have leftover pizza in our freezer from our outing to everybodys pizza last week.  i am pulling it out tonight  and serving it with a green salad for a simple week night supper.  you have my permission to take the night off from the kitchen too!

wednesday: its time to use the rest of the white beans you have stored away.  we are making a tuna, white bean, and veggie salad, which will be perfect for lunches for the rest of the week, too!

thursday:  grilled fennel and sausage salad, sauteed bok choy, and warmed, buttered ciabata bread

friday: sweet potato quesadillas

saturday:  dinner out tonight!  not sure of the place yet, but maybe arizona pub in edgewood?