a pensacola christmas

we had fun in florida over christmas and we got some great pictures (it doesn't hurt to have such a cute subject!), so i thought i'd share some of my favorites with you today since we have the night off from cooking. aunt jessica dressed jack in this apron...he thought it was hysterical and we, of course, thought he was the cutest santa helper around!


jack loves riding the vintage rocking horse at nonna and pops house


jack and his great-mamaw admiring the christmas tree


my dad got this evergreen tree when he retired (it's amazing how big it has grown!).  we discovered the beautiful reflection of the tree in the pool on christmas eve night.  i love this photo!


christmas eve night, jack learning what how to unwrap presents


david and jack on the slide at my favorite park, bayview park.  it was so cold that afternoon and we were not dressed for the sudden change in weather so david kept his hands warm in jack's pockets!


peek-a-boo!  jack playing in the park tunnels


meet toki anna, our new goddaughter!


jack swinging with pops on his new wooden swing.  a wonderful christmas present that will live on the big oak tree in my parents' front yard.


a rosy cheeked jack swinging and sporting his new (and adorable) black pea coat- a present from aunts jessica and lynne.


enjoy your pizza dinner tonight!  oh, and prep your black beans for tomorrow's tacos by soaking 2 pounds of beans covered with cold water overnight (at least 8 hours) in a large pot.