herb grilled cheese and soup

tonight, we are keeping dinner simple, but still delicious!  it's funny that the small details really add to the meal, but trust me, the addition of herbs to your grilled cheese sandwich takes it to another level- i would almost call it sophisticated.

herbed grilled cheese:

put a pat of butter in a pre-heated skillet over medium-low heat.  add two slices of good bread (we used prairie bread from whole foods) and let brown.  once browned to your liking, flip over and add plenty of thinly sliced good cheese- splurge here, good cheese makes all the difference.  we used a very sharp cheddar.  top each piece of bread and cheese with another slice of bread.  when the bottom side is browned remove from pan and set aside.

add another generous pat of butter to the skillet.  when melted, add a handful of fresh herbs (we used rosemary and sage) and then place the sandwiches back into the skillet directly on top of the herbs, unbrowned side down.  grill until browned evenly on both sides, being careful not to let the herbs burn.   serve with a creamy tomato soup (and, if you are a little boy, you get a side of raspberries too!).