first week of the year, weekly dinner menu

tah-dah!...this is the BIG unveiling  of my BIG PLAN for browngoat...what better way to kick off the new year than with a healthy plan for a  week of fresh and delicious dinners?  i hope to share my family's weekly dinner menu each saturday, the day i sit down to plan what we are going to eat for the week and make my market shopping list.  i hope you can use it as sort of a kick-off to start your week and to get your mouth watering.  then each day of the week, if there is a recipe to share, my intention is to create a post sharing the recipe and, hopefully often, a picture.  as always, my wish is that my menus and recipes will inspire fresh, seasonal, and thoughtful cooking by you! the first of january, weekly dinner menu:

sunday: roasted vegetables (brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes and onions), roasted goat cheese and pesto peppers

monday: salad of fennel and winter leaves, onion soup

tuesday: buttered turnips, orzo, and slow cooked chicken

wednesday: leftover soup with a yummy loaf of warm crusty bread and real butter

thursday: chicken quesadillas using leftover slow-cooked chicken

friday: flank steak with white beans and arugula

saturday: out to dinner