a new year = a renewed commitment to browngoat

happy two thousand eleven!  jack got a book for his first birthday from one of our most dear friends called "big plans."  the book is a hilarious story about a little boy with a vivid imagination who is stuck in the time-out corner of his classroom.  he repeatedly shouts "I got big plans!  Big plans, I say!" despite his current condition of punishment.   i can't help but think of this story and this young boy's brashness as i launch my fourth year of browngoat. while 2010 saw some extremely adorable posts about little jack jack, i was constantly wishing that i had the time to post more often and to return to my focus on food.  so, i'm using the start of this new year as a sort of restart for my blog.  i plan to continue to share pictures and funny and sweet stories about jack (he's the love of our lives, please indulge us a bit), but i also have BIG plans to share more weekly dinner menus, food pictures, nutrition advice, and recipes.  i hope my renewed commitment will keep all of you reading and spreading my ideas by talking about and sharing my blog with other people. 

i am focused and excited...I HAVE BIG PLANS!  BIG PLANS, i say!  so, stay tuned, please keep reading, and get excited for a year of delicious food and updates about one fun boy and his family!