it. will be. okay.

life is crazy.  it is hectic. we are busy shuffling off to our respective hospitals in the wee morning hours- one of us in scrubs of baby blue, the other in black and pink- breakfasts, lunches, snacks, COFFEE, and baby in tow.  we work hard all day, interacting with patients in our own unique ways, and then we have a few (almost) blissful hours together in the evening, the three of us where we play and eat and talk.  then, it is bed time for jack and, more often than not lately, chore time/study time/more busy time for the two of us (some of this is due to my OCD/type A tendencies that won't allow me to rest my head until the dishes have been put in the dishwasher and the floor has been sweept and the house tidied and...).  occasionally, we fall into bed exhausted, often at different times, without even remembering to kiss and say good night.  uggghhh.  when will the craziness end?  david says it will be soon.  life as a radiologist will be more scheduled. more set.  more peaceful.  i sure hope so...i am running out of steam.

i want life to be a morning where we eat breakfast around a table (or at the very least a morning where there is peace instead of ...a baby crying because he work up too early and doesn't want to shower with you, he instead would like some milk and to play with his books and toys...he would like to slow down and just be your baby; a dog staring at you like you forgot she needed to go out for a walk because she doesn't realize that you need to dry off and put clothes on before going out of the house...she just wants some attention and exercise before being left alone all day; and a nagging reminder that the house is not so tidy because everywhere you look there is dog hair on the floor!), an early evening where we come together after our days at work and "school" to hang out and play- to enjoy a cocktail, take a walk, play with toys, go to the park, make dinner as a family, and then a night to enjoy adult time together- to talk, read, watch a movie, BLOG, time to put our feet up and our burdens away...

life is okay.  we are okay.  but it could all be better.  one day soon, i hope it will be. 

life is taking jack and i to pensacola next week.  i am hoping for a relaxing time away from the routine.  i want to make the most out of each day with my baby, relish in the fact that i am with him and not at work.  i want to enjoy my parents and my sister and my family.  live free without a real routine.  relax in the evenings by the pool.  and, celebrate jack's first birthday!