talk to me app

warning: this is one of those random posts that appear from out of nowhere, particularly when i have been so sparse at posting,  BUT, the story is too funny not to share! sunday morning, our family's first father's day, the four of us went out  for an early morning walk.  to entice david out of bed, i brought in snuggly and smiling jack-a-roo and promised a mid-walk stop at a neighborhood coffee shop.  while we sat on a street bench enjoying our special coffee beverages, david showed me the new french language app on his droid.  you can now say a french word out loud and the droid magically gives you the english word and definition.  however, this app does not like the way i speak because i could not one time get it to work!  so, while we spent the whole morning laughing over my poor speaking ability, we decided to see what the droid thought jack was saying (he is quite the chatter!).  we couldn't believe our eyes...we tried it four times and these are the words are precious, innocent baby was saying...

first try: BEER.  second: BOOBS.  third: COOL.  and, last: BOCA RATON. 

WTF?!  we were crying from our laughter!  to think that those were the actual utterances coming from his precious little mouth...oh my!