he pleads the fifth

we had a fun celebrating jack's half birthday two weeks ago. on the night of his six month birthday, we went to the grand opening of the new tree canopy walk at the atlanta botanical garden.

the following night, we had a half birthday celebration at home.  jack got his first "dessert"- homemade cinnamon applesauce-

and daddy and mama had half fruit tarts to celebrate.

to make his day even bigger, jack also had his six month wellness appointment where he received his third round of immunizations and was weighed and measured...he weighed in at fourteen pounds and twelve ounces and measured twenty-six and a half inches long.  he is staying right on his own weight curve of the fifth percentile on the CDC growth chart.  his doctor seemed pleased with his height and weight growth and said,  "he knows what he's doing!"  so, we will continue to feed him homemade meals three times a day and watch, with an approving eye, as he gobbles it all up in delight, while he continues to plead the fifth!