dear jack,

you sure have been keeping us busy (along with work and medical school)!  you are now five and half months old and continue to melt our hearts and make us laugh every day! lots of things have happened since my last letter to you...let's start at the beginning...

daddy has started his medical school rotations.  in fact, he is almost finished with two of his hardest months, internal medicine.  so, you have started going to mrs. jackie's every day and have made lots of new friends (haley, james, maddy, tyler, and leanna).  you greet jackie with a huge smile each morning and this makes it much easier on mommy when i have to leave you.  jackie has had the great success of teaching you how to nap!  (almost) every day, you take an hour morning nap and about a two and a half hour afternoon nap.  when people ask about your nap schedule, i like to tell them that you nap from monday-friday, because   when you are home, naps are essentially non-existent! 

to mommy's pure delight, you are a veg-head- eating 3 solid food meals every day, packed full of vegetables!  here is the list of foods you currently eat in the order that they were introduced to you: brown rice cereal, avocado, sweet potato, squash, turnips, green beans, field peas, beets, and broccoli.  all of your foods, so far, have been grown locally and by organic practices and handmade by mommy...and, the best thing is that you love it all!   we have joined a great new farm (moore farms and friends) and we are all loving the weekly produce and eggs.  daddy and i are mostly on a fish and veggie diet, thanks to our new farmer inspired dinners, and, soon, you will be joinging us at the table!

you are getting more independent and this independence has made it more enjoyable for you to play in your jumperoo and on the floor.  you have started attempting a crawling motion, but no mobility yet.   i think seeing all your friends at jackie's house moving around has really made you want to do it yourself.  once you get the hang of it, i don't think there will be any stopping you!

we have taken two more road trips- one to charlotte to meet your best friend and future davidson roomie, nolan, and a mommy and baby trip to pensacola for easter weekend with nonna and pops.  you are a great traveler and love all the adventure travel brings!

you continue to have a very strong opinion about things and let it be known when you disagree with what is happening!  jackie has even said (jokingly, i hope) that you should go to anger management classes!  i knew you had a little 'tude since day one...i just hope that that temper of yours fizzles out as you get older!  it's funny now, but as a two year old, i am not so sure it's going to be funny anymore!

the sweetest new thing is that you like to give me kisses!  you plant your open mouth on my puckered lips and hold my cheeks tight.  it makes me smile so wide!

i love you, butterbean.  xxoox.