two lines = three + dog

exactly one year ago today, after much anticipation, i slipped out of our warm and cozy bed at the wee hours of the morning and took a pregnancy test.  to my delight, the double pink lines appeared immediately and i burst back into our bedroom, did a little dance, and shared the news with david who was eagerly waiting.  before i could continue with my excitement, i made david get up to confirm that what i was seeing was true (i had taken a VERY early pregnancy test the week before which showed a negative result).  it was true --- i was PREGNANT!  pink stripes never looked so pretty. david and i snuggled back up with sadie under the toasty covers and just stared at each other in silence, both of us grinning from ear to ear.  we held each other close while talking and daydreaming about the excitement that awaited us.  glowing with happiness in the cold and snowy march morning, we were elated.  we were going to have a BABY! 


in quick succession, i would inherit about twenty-five baby and pregnancy books, hear everyone's pregnancy/delivery/baby stories, become intimately familiar with my OB office, buy my first car!, learn a new language centered around baby items, and watch david earn his PhD.  

here we are.  one year later, after two became three.  and that baby– and those two lines– have made our life, somehow, more perfect than it already was.