things we must do in and around atlanta

as david embarks on the last bit of his medical school career, we are reminded that our time in the ATL is potentially limited.  so, given my love of lists and planning, i have decided to create a "must-do" list for those days we have left here when our little family can hang out and play.   here it is, in no particular order:

* climb stone mountain to see the sunrise.  the park gates open at 6 am, so if we time it correctly, we can be up the mountain before daybreak where we can enjoy the color changes in the sky and eat our picnic breakfast.

* explore the silver comet trail.  david and i have run many, many miles along the first ten or so miles in cobb county, but we have yet to explore past this point.  i would like to see the pumpkinvine creek trestle at mile 23- a 750 foot long, 126 foot high bridge built by hand in 1903, explore the 800 foot brushy mountain tunnel a little farther west, see ma white’s bottom land- a beautiful stretch of farmland, and perhaps stop for lunch in rockmart (miles 37-38) or cedartown (mile 52).

*dinner and a movie at the starlight drive-in

*spend an afternoon in athens (which we have planned for this weekend!) and treat ourselves to a local meal at farm 255

*enjoy food from woodfire grill, star provisions- bacchanalia, star provisions, and floataway cafe, miller union (this list is on-going...i LOVE good food!)

*spend an afternoon at zoo atlanta

*go to the atlanta steeplechase

*visit the atlanta history center

*take an easy hike at the sweetwater creek state park

*spend a day at serenbe 

and, i'm always up for, please share if you think of an activity/place/restaurant that needs to be added.