happy news = a happy weekend!

my parents are headed home today!  after spending nearly a month in the hospital, mom was discharged yesterday and finally able to travel home.  i know she is so excited to be in her own environment again where the familiarity and comforts of home are sure to aid in her healing and recovery.  she has a lot of work ahead of her, but she has bravely made it through the hardest part and the road will only get easier as she continues to get stonger.  we will miss mom and dad greatly, we got really used to seeing them each day, but we look forward to seeing how much progress she has made when we see them next! we have a fun weekend planned for our little family of three...the high museum tonight for some jazz, cocktails, and leonardo da vinci, friends over for take-out, the farmers market and botanical garden on saturday for a fun stroll to buy some vegetables and see the orchids, and a bit of attic cleaning on sunday following a lazy morning of reading the sunday times and savoring our coffee.

wishing you all a happy weekend too.  and wishing mom a happy, healthy, and strong recovery.  xxo!